Since an early age, Ocana has been in intimate contact with the aesthetic investigation in art.  The son of a recognized Dominican architect, Ocana’s development unfolded amidst spaces where design and works of art co-existed in dialogue and harmony.   He lived in Peru where as a youth he engaged in the exploration of archaeological sites; then in Japan, where he lived during five years, he studied Sumie—Japanese painting—which allowed him to come closer to this ancestral Asian culture.

As a young man in the Dominican Republic, Ocana developed a successful banking career that spanned over a twenty-five year period.  His work led him to visit most Latin American countries, affording him the opportunity to learn about their cultures, while meeting numerous Latin-American artists.

His passion as an art collector and his interest in the visual arts ultimately imposed themselves over the banking and economic power circles, and in 1995 Ocana decides to dedicate himself exclusively to the international promotion of recognized icons of Latin-American visual arts.  He represents artists of such transcendence as Oswaldo Guayasamin, born in Ecuador in 1919 (deceased), with whom he shared a deep friendship.  As a Member of Honor of the Guayasamin Foundation, even after the artist’s death, Ocana continues to represent his work.  Ocana also represents on an exclusive basis, Ramon Oviedo, great master of the arts in the Dominican Republic, as well as a relevant figure in the Latin American art scene, creator of works that are deeply rooted in the mythology and historical past of his country and of man’s origin as expressed through a universal language.

In 1999, Ocana creates the Ramon Oviedo, Inc. Foundation with the objective of promoting nationally and internationally emerging Dominican artists.  Fermin Ceballos, born in 1978, is a recognized and promising young talent with a style that delivers an extraordinary technical and conceptual quality.  His work has been well received by expert art critics of the Dominican Republic.

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