24 Strings "Purcell: Now and Then"

350 years ago, in 1659, London gave birth the most important composer England has ever delivered to the world. One year after, the group "24 violins" was founded with a clear goal, to maintain alive modern music of its time, allowing living composers to premier their works, quite similar to what contemporary ensembles do nowadays. Either coincidence or predetermination made this one of the most successful societies at the end of the XVII century. Time has passed but this flame must stay alive, more in these days in which modern music, as well as ancient, needs to be delivered to the  modern audiences.

24 Strings, presented today, captures the spirit of "24 violins" combining performers and composers (both of classical and contemporary music). 24 Strings takes his name from the English baroque ensemble "24 Violins" and represents the union between past and present. The past personified by the 14 strings of the Archlute and the music of Purcell, the present by the 10 string guitar and the modern compositions inspired by Purcell's music. These 24 strings are putted together with ancient and modern knowledge. The composer of the great "Dido and Aeneas" stays alive and is an inspiration to a newer generation: Purcell, yesterday and today.

The current program brings a historical representation of the music of the English master, and three new visions of such works. The Tradition as a way to move forward: we cannot forget that Purcell and the "24 Violins" were innovation to become tradition nowadays.

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