Panda Bear
May 08, 2011

Noah Lennox, one of the most fascinating musicians I have encountered these days, his music is hypnotic. Known as "Panda Bear" and he belongs to the band known as Animal Collective. His music is ver personal and has influences from different styles ranking from pop to sacrate choral music. Click on more to listen to some of his music

Rufus Wainwright
April 27, 2011

My favorite songwriter from these days. A unique figure that blends elements from many worlds and has been able to transcend those influences into a unique style of music with an organic result.
He grew up listening to Verdi, Puccini among other great masters from the opera world. Also he grew up listening to the music his parents where doing, as both are well known musicians mainly playing "folk music".
Ill share some videos if you click on more.
Visit his web site

April 22, 2011

One of my all time favorite musicians. A blind man who had the courage to live for what he loved, his music. Hi was a self taught musician to a great extent of his education, most of his music is written in braile and we don't have access to all that material. What you can find out there is perhaps one quarter of all the music he has written. Non the less his work is exquisite and one of the most originals of the XX century.
For more information on his life do visit this link 

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