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Nueva Musica Iberoamericana para Guitarra (English Text)
February 15, 2011


I'm thrilled to let you all know that you can now get your download copy of the album "Nueva Música IBeroamericana para Guitarra" based on original music composed and interpreted on the guitar by Manuel Alvarez, Javier Salvador and me.

The album is available at CDBaby, iTunes, BandCamb...

The text below explains the album in detail.


"Nueva Música Iberoamericana Para Guitarra" "New Iberoamerican Músic for the guitar" Is the title of this compilation album by composers/guitarists Anthony Ocaña (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) Javier Salvador (Castellón, Spain) and Manuel Álvarez (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

This album is based on original works by these three authors, each one with a singular musical language all on the same instrument, the guitar. The works presented evoke elements from each one's native folk music, popular music and academic elements as these artists have a solid classical music background. In such way, unifying forces, these artists would love to share their experience which would hopefully become a great experience for you as a listener.

Caribbean, Jazz, Spanish Music, Tango and Latin American Folklore are some of the elements flying through these pieces which also can breathe an avant-garde atmosphere. Fresh music for the guitar.